Economic Expansion

Situated on one of the major trunk roads in Europe the area Mouscron-Comines-Estaimpuis, namely with the airport Lille-Lesquin, the HST-station of Lille, the warterway Lys and the motorways north-south and east-west, disposes of every communication means that puts it within reach of the great European economic centres.

The textile industry, i.e. a meaningfull activity bound to the region, is ever still quite present. However the industrials as well as the deciding authorities have launched into a definite policy that is aimed on reconversion and diversification and contributes to spotlighting those companies in the sector agro-food, mechanics, logistics and transport, graphic arts, mailorder, and moreover some service activities with high added value like call centres, IT services, research centres or laboratories for analyses.

Thanks to its numerous assets the region Mouscron-Comines-Estaimpuis is working towards the materialization of an attractive image at the heart of Europe, that is the image of "a winning area» !

-Amount of business parks : 23

-Total useful surface business parks (in hectares) : 900

-Amount firms in those business parks : 400

-(Non-built) Surface available in those business parks (in ha) : 48,83

-Amount work force employed in those business parks : 9000


IEG and IDETA publish the first socio-economic

atlas of Wallonia Picarde


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