General economic facilitation

Collective programmes as regards information and sensibilisation of small and medium-sized companies as well as very small firms.

In order that the companies would have a comprehensive knowledge of all services of wich they can take advantage, the IEG provides a facilitation programme, togheter with any other socioeconomic partner (Chamber of Commerce, Union of independant contractors "UCM", Invest, as well as the Walloon organism for professional training & employment "le Forem", the Office for foreign investors O.F.I., …) namely trough :

- sittings for information and sensibilisation of the samll and middle-sized companies about the different existing public incentives, about the range of services offered by the whole of economic operators towards the welcoming infrastructures, the economic and technological transfers;

- the conception and publication of promotional and information means (mailings, brochures, periodicals, informative boarding, videofilms, …).

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