L’Impact (Estaimpuis)

The infrastructure concerned (called L'Impact I) was built in 1998; it is situated within the Business park for Services, Arts and crafts "Pont-Tunnel", and besides, in the close vicinity of the French border

This building provides offices of an approximate 1000 square metres to let -that is per module of 25m²- to small and medium-sized companies, very small firms, and company creators or projects holders.

Furthermore some common services (reception, telesecretariat, meeting room, ...) are put atthe occupants' disposal.

Towards the succes gathered and on request of potential tenants, the IEG has cared for the extension of "l'Impact I", namely with the constructionof a new infrastructure (L'Impact II) that was erected upon 2 levels and also covers a global surface of 1000 square metres.




Porte des Bâtisseurs, 20 - 7730 Estaimpuis

056/48.20.20 / Fax : 056/48.20.21

E-mail : info@limpact.be

Web : www.limpact.be

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