The Intercommunal association IEG is composed of the towns of Mouscron and Comines-Warneton, belonging to the district of Mouscron, as well as the commune of Estaimpuis in the district of Tournai. The advantageous geographical situation defining its territory can be seen as a strong asset. By the way, this area is considered as a genuine pole of crossborder devlopment ti be found at the crossing of the latine and german cultures and within a euroregion in full expansion that is inclined to assemble Western Flanders, Wallonie Picarde and the French Eurometropolis of Lille.

The IEG area viewed with some figures :

- In hectares : 13.293

- Total inhabitants on 01.01.07: 80.499

The Intercommunal association IEG was created in 1986, since then it has been an essential partner from the start up to the achievement of company projects.

It contributes to setting up an enjoyable life and work environment and to developing an attractive image, the image of an "Area tu succed !".


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